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Should be a good weekend!!!!!!!

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I'm leaven for Kemmerer Wyoming today for a weekend of PD shooting. Centerfires and mostly the hummer will be on call for the work. Weather should be good 80 degrees and not much wind. Will fill in all when I get home of our success. If anyone is interested in going PM me. I will be checking my e'mail during the evenings.
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:t lucky dog!!...ermm...depends how you take that i guess, :rolleyes: anyhow have fun, I'd love to go PD shootin, but werk and family keeps me so busy i dont really have all that much time anymore. what all guns did ya take? and whats the usual cost in all that, like i know hotels and food but where ya shoot, is it all private or public?.... good luck and have fun...be safe too!
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