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Should a tuner be in my future?

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I am sure this has been asked many times but please help the challenged. ;) I would like to get a Hoehn or Fudd tuner for a 10/22 with a .920 ER Shaw barrel.

Do they make a tuner that will fit a .920 barrel?

Is it worth my time and money to use it on a 10/22?

If I order one what info will Hoehn or Fudd need from me?

What model/style should I be considering?

Thanks for any info.
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Yes, Ron Hoehn makes tuners to fit your 920 barrel, I have one myself that I use on my 17 and my 10-22. I have one of his 5 oz models (2nd generation) and works on both of my rifles. I would get an 8oz model for that size barrel (1st or 3rd gen) the 3rd gen can have extra weight added if you think it needs it later. Is it worth it? Well that depends on what your looking for. For me, yes they are worth it. It will make good ammo shoot better, but will not make bad ammo shoot good (hope that makes sence). As far as the info needed from you. You will need to measure your outer dia of your barrel at as close to the muzzle as you can, 1" back, 2" back and 3" back. Since your barrel is a straight non taper, it will be straight bored to fit on. The 4 seperate measurment is for a tapered barrel so that it can be bored to fit that specific taper. Still you want to get those measurements so that just in case it is a few thousanths smaller at the muzzle than at 1" back, he can bore to the bigger dia. so it will just slip on and then tighten down. They can be bored slightly oversize because they have a small amount of take up in the clamp built in. I hope this makes sence, it is hard to explain. Give Ron a call and he will walk you thru it. He is a very nice guy and will make sure that you get what you want, plus he is fast. I have ordered one at 3 pm on one day and had it in hand the next (I just live across the state from him). I have heard that Scott is a real good guy to deal with also, but I have never delt with him so I have no first hand knowlege. Good luck...
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Thanks for the info. My barrel should be arriving next week and I'll give it a try. Tuners are completely new to me and Hoehn's website doesn't help. If I order one it will be the 3rd gen model with extra wieght...might as well jump in with both feet.

How far back does a tuner sit on the barrel?
Ask Ron to be sure, but about 1 1/4" seems about right, maybe more. If you get the 3rd with the extra weight and your having trouble getting a good tune on your barrel, you can try it without the extra weight. I have one for my Sako and found that the extra weight made it harder to find a sweet spot. I think the reason for this is that the barrel for it is 25" long and .865 dia. Also all that weight hanging on the Sako receiver I think was just to much.
Scott; maker of Fudd Tunners uses a 11oz with a bloop tube. I ordered it and received it in 1 week. Shot my first 250 17X at 25 yds. I also shot a 1/4" out to out 5 shot group. I have only had it for 1 week. I am still working with it. It seems to like UM1 the best, so far. SKplus is not far behind and cost is much cheaper.
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