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Shot any varmints

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  Anyone shot any type of animals with the new 17 Rf?
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Re: Notta

I wish I had one. I would like to shoot a squirrel with one to see. I talked to my local gunsmith and he said the knock down power that it has is incredible. But that little lead flying so dang fast. Please some one post pics. (*hint *hint Chief)
Re: Shot any varmints

Chief says : Shot several muskrats and a few starlings.
Makes the birds go (poof) ,doesnt do much on the rat.
nothin like a TNT would do. But the 17HMR is fast
and to the point.
Re: Shot any varmints

Glad to get the report Chief:
I hunt mostly groundhogs and
crows here in Va.
Thinking adout a 17 because of noise problem.
People just dont like 22-250s, .223s and such going of to close to subdivsions.Makes em nervious.
Ill use .17 in close save big
guns for open areas.
Hogs about the size of a musrat so should work ok.
Thanks again

Goodluck & Goodshootin.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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