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Shoot'n The FrAnKeNmAg . . . (Neck Bolts Included)

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Hello folks,

I am a long time member, frequent visitor and an infrequent poster here at RFC as of late.

I thought I would share the configuration of my 'Ruger' 10/22 Magnum with my fellow maggots.

Long ago and far away I bought a Ruger 10/22 Magnum with the expressed purpose of reconfiguring the rifle to a light weight, hyper accurate Bunny Buster.

My original thought was to go with a Carbon Fiber .920 barrel and a race gun stock (just 'cause they look sooOOOoo cool). Well, after much research and emails back and forth from many members here, I scrapped the idea of the CF barrel as unstable technology and went looking for another option.

That option came along about a year ago when Ken at White Face Mountain offered a limited run of GM 22 inch, 1:16 twist, 4 grove .22 Long Rifle barrels in Blue. I bought one.

In the mean time, I had put about 1,000 rounds down the stock tube to break the action and trigger group in prior to sending it off.

It was a 'classic' out of the box dud from Ruger . . . Not much in the accuracy department, a very frustrating 'jam-o-matic' action and just too dang small for my 6'4"/235 pound personage to deal with. I could actually pick up the scoped rifle by the trigger and it would NOT go 'click' . . . sweet . . . sheesh. :mad:

I took the Carbine's barrel off the action, removed the stock and sent the 22" .22lr barrel, the receiver, bolt and trigger group to Randy @ CPC.

This is the second rifle that Randy has worked his magic on for me. I couldn't be more pleased.

Randy re-chambered the 22" barrel from .22lr to .22WMR and put an 11-degree target crown on the muzzle. The bore is about 2 thousandth's tight, so it is a 'swaged' barrel. But not in the classic swaged barrel sense per se. Most folks consider a barrel swaged only if it is (for example) .22 to .17. My barrel is two thousandth's tight from the get-go. This is a VERY trick barrel for the Magnum. It LOVES the additional length over the standard issue 18" barrels and I do get additional fps from the length and the swage (though not so much from the swage as from the length increase). It seems to shoot everything just fine.

Randy @ CPC has reworked the trigger group and it breaks at around 2.3 pounds with zero creep and over-travel.

The bolt was re-squared, re-head spaced and Randy applied his signature Jewel job as well. I have a VQ extractor installed.

I just mailed the $$ for the Dakotan bolt buffer today (I already have one in both of my T's) and hex head action screw (also in both of my T's).

The barrel was re-mounted with custom cut shims in the V block and barrel/receiver interface and the bolt was head spaced.

The newly created barreled action was installed in a Clark Heritage Laminated stock that has some 'issues' that needed to be corrected, but I shot the snot outta it anyway . . .

About three months ago I free floated the barrel to remove the interference between the barrel and the barrel channel in the fore grip of the stock. This free floated the barrel nicely, but then uncovered a new problem with the stock. The action well was not properly cut into the stock and the barreled action rocked in the stock! (DANGIT) AwwwWWWWW RATZ! :mad:

It still shot .40 inch, 9 round groups @ 50 yards with a CHEAP 3x9 non-AO scope. The funny thing with these groups is that they were inverted 'V' shaped as the action rocked back and forth in the stock.

WhatEVER! :rolleyes:

Last Saturday I bedded the action and the first 1.5 inches of the barrel in the barrel channel. The bedding job turned out GREAT! There is ZERO motion in the barreled action now! The barreled action now locks down TIGHT. :t

I have mounted another (not as) cheap scope on the rifle now (Tasco 6x24x42AO Mil Dot) and I will take it out for another 'test drive' this weekend. I fully expect to be sub MOA @ 100 with this configuration.

I have several boxes of Remington Premiers to play with as well as some CCI and yes Ski, I still have the OSSI custom loads you had sent me a year and a half ago. Thank you so much again. I don't have a clue as to what I am saving them for, but I am saving them! (It's a cry for help . . .).

It has been recommended to me to give the Winchester Supremes another go as well. I am going to be taking this rifle on a 4-day hunt and actually may give it a whirl on a calling stand or two.

I will post early next week as to how the newly bedded rifle performs @ 50 & 100 yards.

If any of you want to recommend a given ammo type for accuracy testing, I'm all ears! :t

Thanks for reading folks, I will post the results after this weekend.

Have a good one,

Kevin G.
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Very kewl thread here....

I love reading about the "build ups" being done on yer magz. Maybe one of these days I'll go and do it too.

Here's a list of ammo I've tried in mine...

Remington PSP's, JHP's and Premiers. CCI Gold Dot (shot great), Maxi mag, Maxi mag +V, TnT's (shot bad and jammed alot). Federal (Sierra) 30 gr, 40 gr and the big 50 grainers. RWS 50 grain (horrible! and expensive). PMC Predator. OSSI Moly V max (thanx SKI)..these were the BEST shooting! Winchester Super-X and Supremes (34gr?). ArmsCor (Phillipine made and hard to find). ..I feel like I am missing another brand here but can't remember what it was. I also tried both hp's and fmj's if they were offered in that line of ammo, like the Super X.

Best shooting were OSSI and the Premiers. Super X are a very close third place.
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