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shooting prone

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I think that is what it is called any tips or info will be helpful
i am a new shooter i will be useing a 452 American cz rifle
do i use a sling ,shooting coat ,glove any tip would be helpful
all you guys were real helpful on the offhand shooting
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The International shooters use heavy coat and glove with shooting sling for the prone gun. They press their hand tight into the handstop, which is the base of the sling. The other end of the sling is not attached to the butt, but to the upper arm, forming a triangle (upper arm, lower arm and the sling). The coat and glove help cusion the arm and hand.

For sporter guns with carrying sling attached to the gun at both ends, you snake the sling around your arm once to make it tight. The most important thing is, once in prone position you must be pointing the gun at the target without having to twist your body. If it's not pointing correctly you should move the whole body.
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