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yellowfthr and Big Mike: I was having the most terrible problems with failures to feed & failures to fire on my 10/22 w/20" GM blued bull barrel. I had retensioned the flats on my magazines, polished and oiled the bolt rod, removed/cleaned/polished the firing pin, all to no avail. I was ready to throw the darn thing into the Pacific Ocean (I only live 2 miles away from the beach).

Then, I did the Dremel thingy, as you did, to my Fajen Silhouette stock. I went to the range tonight, and fired 200 rounds of CCI Mini Max, with only one misfire & no failures to feed (199/200) The misfired round had a light strike mark. I think my next step is bolt chamfering, maybe I will get 200/200 next time.

Also tried Federal Classic and Winchester X-Pert: Not nearly as many problems as before, but began having failures to eject on the Federal Classics and failures to feed on the X-Perts as the barrel got dirtier. I think I will stick with the Mini Mags.

Thank you for the great information! Friends helping friends, that's what I like about this forum!
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