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Serial Numbers

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What would be the odds on this???? I received my new Vudoo 360 repeater yesterday and it has the same serial number as my 2005 build 57M Custom Classic:eek:
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What would be the odds on this???? I received my new Vudoo 360 repeater yesterday and it has the same serial number as my 2005 build 57M Custom Classic:eek:
I'm not sure but it sounds like you have some very nice rifles in your stable!

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Id like to be able to boast like that about
My arsenal
serial match

I bought a Browning BPS tactical that the serial number is exactly my birth date. I did not realize that until I entered it in my log book.
I bought a CZ 512 carbine in .22 WMR a few years back. Loved it, and vowed to pick up another if I happened to see one in a store. A couple of months later, I did find another one, so I brought it home. A closer inspection once I got it there revealed my 512s have sequential serial numbers!

The odds on that happening must be staggering, too bad you didn't purchase a lottery ticket that day.

If I recall correctly that particular 57M is the problem child that you had to do at lot of rework on in order to get it to perform. If my memory is correct around 2005 was when Cooper was struggling financially and having to deal with a hostile take-over. They were doing everything they could to keep afloat, fight off the take-over, meet supplier bills, and make payroll for the employees. As a result there were a number of rifles built that should never have gone out the door, unfortunately I suspect yours was one of those. I am glad that you finally got it straightened out.

Hope this finds you well and having a good year.

Hi Drover:

Yes, I had a few issues with that 57M but I've never regretted having to go through the hassles of importing it and then setting it up to meet my expectations.
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since that time and that rifle hasn't faltered since the build process and is an excellent shooter.
It couldn't be more different than the Vudoo but I really enjoy using both - Each is about as good as it gets if used as the designers intended.
Sorry for the poor quality pic but I just snapped this in the workshop when I finished setting up the 360. I'm going to send the details to the team at VGW.
Hope this finds you all well over there - Probably a bit cooler at your place compared to Australia's Deep North at the moment:D

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Alan, I NEVER cease to be in awe of that Cooper's stock. I have one that comes close, but it's mostly in the butt stock, while yours carries through. It does shoot really well though. :)

And it no longer wears that scope, but instead has a Leupold VX-2 6-18x40 AO Fine Duplex.



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That's a beauty for sure, Doug - No doubt about it, Cooper do make some pretty rifles. Yes, I'd have to agree, the Leupold would look better but that Weaver was a good performer despite its looks. I'm hanging on to all my old Grand Slams & Classics - Never had an issue with any of them.
I had my first session with the Vudoo thsi morning - I'll just say that Bartlein make good barrels - Very accurate straight up:bthumb:
I agree 2 beautiful Cooper rifles anyone would be proud to own.(y)(y)
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