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See thru scope ring options, 452 LUX

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I just bought a 452 LUX. This is my first 22 LR. My question concerns see thru scope rings for the 452 LUX. What are the options? I do not want to remove the rear sights. I would like to have the option of shooting with the scope or using the sights without removing the scope. I will be using the rifle for target shooting. I am going to mount a Simmons 1022T on this rifle.
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Don't do it. To use see-through rings will put the scope quite high. I do not think there are any 11mm see throughs so you might have problems with that also. I did this for a while with another gun and although it worked it was not great for either scope or irons.

I have been shooting with iron sights and scope every week and I just remove the scope and mounts. With my low profile mounts I will be able to just remove the scope and shoot over the mounts.

The only problem is having to re-sight the gun after changing the scope.

Better yet get two guns and have one for iron and one for glass.
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