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Screws for my BSA #8 aperture sight

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Looking for help tracking down these screws that attach a BSA #8 peep sight to the base plate

There does not seem to be much of a thread on the base plate, which would mean the screws below would not work and I would need to go into the stock.

How do you fix your #8 to your base plate ?

Any help would be appreciated

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Forgot to tell you there does not seem to be anything wrong with your screw threads only the slots look buggered up, The slots can be filed and re-dressed .
Do you mean the slots in the base plate ? The picture of the screws about was taken fro notes web they were being sold with a #8 sight. I feel that BSA would want me to screw into the base plate not into the wood

As an aside any idea how to disassemble the base from the stem on the #8 . The knob rotates and yet you would need to remove it to slide the stem out .

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I will dig mine out after work, that's if I remember. It's been awhile since I have had both the BSA No.1 and #8 peep out together. I do not store it with the sight on, to much junk in the way and I am afraid of breaking it off.
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