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Screw tightness

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Hi! I recently noticed that the action screw (I believe thats what is called -the one in front of the magazine) on my wood stocked Savage 17 HMR was cracked on the side of the head.

Anyway, quick call to Savage and the nice lady sent me 2 replacement screws for no charge, thank you Savage parts department.

So what I need to know from the experts, what should the screw be torqued down to when I replace it? And I'm guessing it is metric so I will need to buy a bit, so anyone know what size I need to fit that screw?


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I'm by no means an expert but those screws are good old American threads - #12-32UNEF. A 9/64ths allen wrench is required. I torque my screws down to 55 in/lbs with the gun in a vertical position so the recoil lug butts up against the stock.

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93....thanks for your response. I guess I assumed since it was a Canadian build it might be metric. So thats good.

My friend checked the screw with his torque screwdriver deal and said it was at like 12 pounds. he was surpised how loose it was.

He then checked my Mark II bull barrel in .22 lr and it was also around that.

I will have him tighten up to 55 lbs then. I think he said that Savage centerfires are set at that, 55 lbs I mean.

Thanks! Joe
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