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Score from a Michgan Troll.

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Score from a Michigan Troll.

Some a you guys may not know it, but a "Troll" is a guy who lives below da bridge, down der in LOWER Michigan.

This is from my good friend Len Ziegenmeyer, who is also a Winter Texan. I got him hooked on this mad game a year ago while we were down in Mission, Texas.
Well Joe I know that my rifle positively does not like Winchester T22 throwing shots all over the target. It likes Winchester Wildcat a whole bunch better - shot 233-2X Tuesday. Wolf Match Target seems to be working well.
25 Yards
241-4x Len Ziegenmeyer, Michigan
CZ 452, Simmons 44 Mag. Scope. Wolf Match Target
Lightened trigger, no creep.Beautiful spring day, light breeze coming from the targets, temp. about 50 deg.