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Scoped Winchester 57

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This is the Model 57 I picked up cheap a couple weeks ago. I noticed it had Unertl-type scope blocks, and that jogged my memory. I had picked up an old Marlin 4X target scope a couple years back at an auction. When it tried it out on the 57, it fit perfectly. I'm not sure who actually made the scope (not sure if Marlin actually manufactured it), but the optics are nice and clear. The 57 & 4X make a nice pair I think.

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Marlin No.1 and No.2 telescopes and mounts were made by the Wollensak Optical Co. of Rochester N.Y. Yours could be either one, with the distinction being a 3 point rear ring on the 1, and a 4 point for the 2.....

You can get more info on the old Marlin scopes and mounts from the MFCA web site- lotsa knowledgeable types there.


Doc Sharptail
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