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Scoped Black Grand Mamba - 16.5" MaddMacs Upper

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Hi Guys,
Sharing one of my latest builds that started as a 10".
The New Upper is 16.5" MaddMacs threaded with full length pic rail.
Volquartsen Gold Bolt with High Vel Springs
Nikon Buckmaster BDC Rifle Scope 4-16x
I've been making a case for it and testing it bagged @ 200yds...
I sold my 10/22 and the
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Black Kraken BYOK kit on the way for this build. The current steel lower will go back on the 10" scope upper I had for sale but can now keep...
Hope all have a great 2022!
Built the Kraken and its awesome. Shot it today at 200yds (benched). Was able to hit leftover pieces of broken clays on the berm. Swapped the nikon for a nice Valdada 16x fixed scope. Pics to come.

SK match ammo is good but SK LR Target ammo is better.

Rumble review Video:
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point Shooting with the Kraken/16" Maddmaccs

A friend came in town so I gave him the Ruger 22 pistol tour. We shot a mess of them.
More updates here
thanks guys, I haven't been able to shoot for a while. I'm hoping to change that soon and start posting more vids. stay chill!
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