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I hate posting this here, because I am sure the answer is already on here. However....the Search feature has been disabled for the time being, and I just can't find my answer.

So, here goes:

What is everyone's opinions on the Bushnell ScopeChief 6x20?

Is is decent? Is it worth $190? Will it hold Zero?

You opinions are appreciated.

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I'll let you know something next week. I ordered one to put on my 17VS. I picked up the 4-14 two weeks ago, so far it's looks to be a good scope for the money.
I hope it stays clear all the way out to 20 power, as I've had a Tasco 6-24 that would get cloudy on the high power settings.
For the money, I think it's the BEST BUY. Yes, you can get a clearer, sharper scope, but it cost the big bucks, and all I have is little bucks....:(

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I have one

The problem is not with clarity at the higher power(excellent) but at the lower end at the outside edges it is blurred. doesnt matter to me because I dont go bellow 12x. Scope is advertised as 1/4min clicks but mine appears to be 1/8. scope appears to hold zero but cannot comment on the repeatability. I do recomend this scope for the price, or I would try a Simmons whitetail expedition 6-18X (saw that in Natchez for $150)
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