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Scope suggestions .......again.

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Hello and I apologize before I begin.
I know this topic has be going in various forms I just want to distill it down a bit.

I have had my 452 Special since November and what a nice accurate shooter it is. I've stayed with iron sights until now but on one or two occassions my eyes were not up to the job I know this rifle can do. On a good day when I can see what I am doing I can really shoot this gun.

So, after long deliberation, I'm gonna scope her.
I mostly punch paper to 100 yds but I want a good scope (so all suggestion are fine here) and I would like a ring combo that will allow me to not goof around with the rear sight. I am very interested in the actual rigs you guys have set up on your guns at this very time. I plan to copy them item for item.
Brookie be prepared for an order!

Thanks in advance and take care.

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I got a CZ Varmint recently. I have had a hard time deciding which scope I want, but I think I have finally decided on a rig. I bought a Weaver V24, $260. After looking through some of the simmons scope, I just thought the difference in picture quality justified the difference in price. I have not completely figured out the mounting problem yet, but I think I will end up buying some of Brookie's low 11mm to weaver adapters and then buy Burris Signature rings to top it.

Good luck choosing your rig.
I just got a 452 Special last Friday and put an old Redfield 2.75X on it with a set of Kwik-Site rings (not the see-through kind).
With these rings the scope still sits low enough. The 20mm scope tube not being enlarged at the objective lens does not touch the rear sight. Its still a 1 inch scope and still gives a good enough field of view in my oppinion.
Before that I put an older Weaver K3 on it and it fits about the same. The Kwik-Site rings will also fit the scope moutning grooves on the CZ. Weaver's .22 rings won't because I tried them.
Hope this helps.
On my Special, I removed the rear sight and ground down the base so I could mount the scope as low as possible for hunting purposes. It's still a tight fit, so you're gonna have to go to high rings, plus remove the sight, to get a on a scope with a decent sized objective bell and leave the sight base intact. The rear sight pops on and off really easily in less than 5 seconds, so that's not a problem. And a high-mounted scope isn't a problem when shooting informal targets. Get high rings like BKL 257s or high Millet Angle Locs, and find a scope with a 40mm or so objective, and I think you'll be fine.
What kind of Simmons scopes have you looked through? I always thought Simmons were junk, but I now own a Simmons Aetec 3.8-12X44. It is an incredibly clear, bright scope. I want a little more magnification for my brand new CZ American .17 HMR, so I checked out the Burris Compact 4-12X32, a 4-16 Weaver V16, and a Simmons Whitetail Expedition 6-18X42. I really think the Whitetail Expedition is the clearest, brightest scope, and at $189, I will probably buy it.

As I said, 1 year ago I was sure Simmons were junk.
Thanks for the info all.
I don't have a problem with hig scope mounts esp. if it keeps me out of having to mess with the rear site on the rifle.

I have been considering an Aetec and also some of the air rifle scopes because the can focus close up.

Due to the rear site deal I may have to take the thing some where that has all the parts to make sure it all works before I drop the $$$. We'll see.
Take care


I have a whitetail expedition 6x18x42 on my American and I am very pleased with it. That price seems to be a good buy, I have seen them as much as 250.00.
I went back today and planned on buying the Whitetail expedition. They had the same swift scope as in the above picture, and a VX-II 6-18X40AO on the shelf. They had a gunstock with the dual rubber mounts so you can compare 2 scopes side by side. After doing this, I found (to my surprise!) that the VX-II was better than I remembered. It had very good resolution. The Burris had just as good resolution, and the same brightness, but less power (4-12). The Whitetail Expedition was better than the Swift (slightly) in resolution and price, but not up to the standards of the Burris and VX-II. Then I tried their Aetec 3.8-12X44 against the Burris 4-12X32. I already own the same Aetec and was very happy with it, but wanted to compare it side by side. Previously it had always been one at a time, and I guess the mind can play games on your eyesight, because the Leupold looked much better than before.

Anyways, the Burris and Aetec both at 12X, the Aetec shows a wider field of view and a brighter picture, just what I expected with the bigger objective. The Aetec has thicker crosshairs which are easier to spot quickly in lower light or fast hunting conditions, but cover more of the target if target shooting. My eye focused on the bigger crosshairs quicker, so I guess that was an overall plus, although it wouldn't be for target shooters. The amazing thing was the resolution. The Aetec was much clearer than the Whitetail Expedition, and to my eyes, honestly was on par with the Leupold and Burris as far as resolution is concerned.

The Aetec is bigger and heavier, and doesn't have the Leupold warranty, but costs about $200 less than the Burris or a comparable VX-II 4-12. I bought a Simmons, but it was the Aetec...again.

Strange, but after looking at the Whitetail Expedition, I was pretty sure the new glass was going to be either Burris or Leupold.
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Mad, how much clearance does your swift have with those rings. Are the rings really high, or does the scope just clear the barrel? I couldn't find rings for the gun, and was looking at some like yours.
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