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I have just built a 10/22 for a light weight off hand shooter. I would like to find something in a compact scope to keep the weight down. I currently am using a red dot but would like some magnification. Most of my shooting with this will be between 25 and 50 yards. Any help woud be appreciated.

Without knowing a bit more about your requirements (AO, fixed power versus variable, power range if variable, hunting, casual target, competition shooting, budget), I would recommend a Clearidge RM 3-9X AO, about 11.5 inches long, 11.9 oz as a best buy at $189. Close focus is 10 yards, and has target knobs. Available in duplex for the hunter/casual target type, and fine for the serious target shooter.

There are many other scopes, such as the compact $350 Leupold EFR 3-9X AO.
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