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Scope ring height question

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Hi all
This will be my first post on this forum although i have been watching it for a while now,there is no better place for rimfire info in my opinion.:)
I will be taking delivery of a 452 american hmr shortly and have a 4200 elite 6x24x40sf to go on top,i need to know what height of ring i need?
I quite like the look of the warne rimfire rings,i have a set of maxima on my t3 which seem very well made.The problem is i live in n.ireland and our gundealers do not hold any accessary stock so i have to order from england and i want to get it right first time to avoid having to exchange them.
I am sure someone out there in cz land will have the same rig and will be able to advise me.
Thanks guys
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The rings measure .525", but sit up on the rail just a little. I would suspect that the overall height from the rail to the bottom of the scope tube would be about .535" to .550".

These rings are very nice and secure. I lapped mine then applied a little powder rosin to the bottom of the rings to ensure a very positive grip.

Craig N.
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