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scope question

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i have been looking at scopes for several months now and i have narrowed it down to two which is where i started . a simmons 44 mag 6.5x20x44 but the question is what is the advantage of the mildot. it is going on a .17 for target and some varmint. is the mildot a large advantage or just go with truplex? dunno. also does any one happen to know what height i would need to mount this on a 77/17 with a .920 green mountain in a tack driver stock. thanx in advance
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The multiple dots are intended to provide multiple point of aim to allow one sight-in for several distances without making a turret adjustment. This feature would save time. Maybe a tactical shooter can give you some better advice.

I'd stick with a duplex or single dot to keep the target image as simple as possible. Since your primary use is target shooting, you'll have time to make turret adjustments to compensate for distance.
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