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scope mounting

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Could someone tell me how they make sure that the scope crosshairs are straight up and down when they are mounting a scope.I know everyone holds a rifle differently and some people cant the rifle one way or the other.When I mount my scope I want to know that that the scope is straight and true with the rifle so any canting of the rifle that I'm doing is noticable and I can correct my hold.
I hope this makes sense to you all.

thanks harro
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Simple - if you have a way to hold the rifle steady. I use a gun vice. Clamp the rifle in the gun vice - something that will hold it steady from side to side. Find a level spot on the rifle. On most 22s a scope mount will do.. and level the rifle from side to side with a small level. Now without moving the rifle set the scope on the top turret and level the scope. Keep an eye on the level as you tighten the rings.

Here's a video from MidwayUSA. Keep in mind that they made this to sell you the whole store. You don't need all the toys unless you plan to mount a lot of scopes. I'm also not a fan of their level.
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