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Well, here I go again.........I had a Simmons 3x9x32 that the nob to change between 3 and 9 power rusted fast, which I still can't figure out how or why since they are aluminum. Got a Bushnell Sportsman 3x9x32 with Weaver see-thru mounts. See thru mounts needed to raise the scope so the bolt wouldn't hit. Sighted in scope, but next time out to the range scope was off. It was suggested to my that the Weaver mounts were not holding solid enought, so I bought an adapter mount to mount Weaver dovetail style mounts on a 22 rail and used Leupold Rifleman rings. The mounts were much more solid.

Took rifle to the range and sighted in at 50 yds and shot 4 shot groups smaller than a dime at 50 yds. Didn't shoot to 100 yds it was raining. We do have a roof over the shooting benches though.

Took the rifle to the range the next morning and the scope was off AGAIN. I sighted it in again and shot to 100 yds. Shot a .5 inch 3 shot group using 34 gr win supremes at 100 yds (my personal best so far). Took the rifle out again in the afternoon and guess what. Point of impact not even close to where it was shooting in the morning, but still had good groups.

Inquired about the Limited Warranty from Bushnell. It is to their disgression whether or not they will honor the warranty on this particular scope. The cost of shipping and parts will cost me more than the scope is worth.

Everything on the rifle and scope mounts were tight. Out of my frustration, I mounted the original 4x Weaver that my late father put on the rifle. I would have liked to put a new and better scope on the rifle, but with a baby on the way I figured I'd best not spend that kind of money at the present time. I will use the 4x Weaver scope until I can save up enought money to put a good variable power scope on the rifle (I am thinking about a Mueller,,,,,,any feedback?).
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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