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Scope for Browning Auto 22

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I'd appreciate scope recommendations for a Browning Semi-Auto 22. I'm interested in plinking and target shooting out to 50 yards. I have a large (40+mm) scope, but it would look out of place on the Semi-Auto 22. What sizes and brands do you recommend?


Jules Lewis
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You may be able to find the older Redfield 3/4" tube 4X. It really makes for a nice match for the petite little rifle. I have one on my 35 year old 22 Auto (it has the grooved receiver, but I sent it back to be drilled and tapped). The last one I saw wasn't cheap (it may have been marked as a Redfield Frontier).

The 22 Auto is one of the few rifles small enough to look good with a 3/4" tube.
You might try to find an old Weaver 3/4" scope like a B4 or C4. I looked at Weaver's website and they list a model 60A mount with the note:
One-Piece base attaches to barrel and extends back over receiver.
This would be a Weaver Quick Detach base that has a huge selection of rings from all manufacturers though I am not sure how many 3/4" rings are available. However it also incorporates a tip-off dovetail so you could use either type of ring. There are plenty of examples of 3/4" tip off rings: Weaver 60a at MidwayUSA.com

My thought would be to do the opposite and follow "JB in SC"'s lead with a scout style, forward mounted scope. A 2x, 3/4" Redfield Frontier recently fetched about $175 on eBay though there were other recent sales that were not as high. However these might be a pain to mount and despite the 3/4" tube they flare out a bit at either end. My thought would be to go with the Weaver 60A mount it so it extends over the barrel and put a Burris or Leupold Scout scope on it. Both are fairly compact although they have a 1" tube.

A non-scope option that you might find quite effective is to replace the rear iron sight with some sort of aperture. I can send the details for one I put on a Savage. They are quite accurate and effective at 22 ranges, don't mess up the fine lines or balance of the gun, and are very light.
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The small Redfields were never cheap as I remember paying over $100 for mine in the early 70's. The last one I saw (4X) was $199.

I have both the original Browning (Redfield) cantilever mount and the 60A Weaver. The 60A requires a fairly long scope to get proper eye relief (as it is a bit shorter than the Browning/Redfield mount), or maybe one of the "mid" eye relief scout types would work. The 60A is quite a bit more substantial than the Browning mount and does not "drag" the receiver. I have mine mounted on the dovetail. The rifle will still shoot into 3/8" @ 35 yards, the receiver to barrel fit must be tight, but not too tight or bad things will happen (cracking the stock at the wrist).

Leupold makes a neat dual dovetail mount for the 22 Auto, but somehow the 1" scope looks out of place. I suppose another alternative would be the 7/8" Leupold Alaskans, but they aren't cheap either. The Weaver B series (I have one of those also) are very long, but would work (I had one on mine in the late 60's).

I'm still trying to find the original front and rear sights for mine and will have it refinished.

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There are two closed auctions on eBay for Redfield 2x 3/4" IER scopes - one fetched $51, the other $83. Of course the most recent one got $174 but it was NIB.

Redfield 2x IER Scope on eBay

Another Redfield 2x IER scope

Redfield 2x IER 3/4" Rifle Scope, NIB, No Res

Another scope I forgot to mention that would probably look great is an old Weaver V22 - 0.875" tube 3-6x. These often sell in the $10 range on eBay. Weaver still makes rings for them and I think Williams Gun Sight may have them also.

Weaver V22 - $8.59 + S&H on eBay

That's basically the same scope I currently have mounted on my 22 Auto, made by Redfield. The Browning ones were made by Redfield with the Browning trademark.

I had one of these little rifles and mounted a scope with the redfield grooved mount that mounted on the barrel and extends back over the reciever. There was a polymer button at the back of the mount that supported the rear of the mount.

The trick is to make sure the ring on the barrel is just tight enough to just barely be able to turn the barrel into the receiver and engage the latch. I used a Leupold 2-7 scope on mine and was very happy with the rifle scope combo. It was plenty accurate for squirrels at reasonable distances.

Unfortunately, I got talked out of it. :(

I'm probably going to get another one if I can convince myself not to spend $450 tricking up a 10/22.

I have seen quite a number of Weaver V22 scopes on eBay that would not be out of proportion to the little Browning auto. Leupold rimfire scopes are smaller than their centerfire cousins, but still have a 1" tube. That's what I used on mine.

I have a little simmons 3/4" tube 4x scope with mounts if you are interested, cheap too.
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