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scope for biathlon basic?

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i know this isnt the proper place to post this but more people will see it here i hope.

i need to find a scope under 150 for my biathlon basic i have coming. for now it will get my 3-9x32 simmons 22mag. i would like a bigger scope and if i could get on from cabelas, that would be great because i have something like 53 dollars towards cabelas. the bushnell banner 6-18x50 looks nice (checked them out in person) but i think it would be too big for the biathlon given the mount limitations. but again, i could always put the banner on my 10/22 and put the atv on the biathlon?

ive heard more good about the bushnell banner and more bad about the bsa scopes so id go that direction. any other scopes i should look at? cabelas limitation isnt necessary but would help me save a bit. thanks

ps my shooting will be at 50 yards. maybe even get into some cmp shooting if i can get interest at my club. or maybe the 3-9x40AO simmons 22mag would be a good buy? i need input! thanks guys
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when you buy weaver 4x4 extention rings, are both offest or just one? pictures always show one norm and one offset ring.

i currently have 4x4 rings, although not in use they are very light and look solid...
yeah, at least they are cheap enough, 17.99 at midway. dont know if i could ever start up cmp sporter rifle at my club since our 50 yard is bench only...id like to change that because i prefer shooting prone and sitting...right now cant even shoot 100 yard prone because they screwed up the cement pad...hahaha
we dont have 4-h, but they DO have boy scout/venture crew shooting. i believe they are using remington target guns (handled some they are NICE) i think they do that on saturdays so i could turn that into a cmp sporter rifle, i mean most of the kids parents probably have a .22 rifle laying around, if not they should :) where can i get those B-19 targets, and for as cheap as possible? i print my own targets 99% of the time, except for 100 yards then i use those splatter type paper targets, my eyes are young but im no eagle...

i think for now im gonna slap my simmons 22mag 3-9x32 scope on the biathlon when i get it, with weaver 4x4 rings. that scope always proved durable and held zero. i think ill save up for something good...looked around on ebay the only 6x fixed scopes are all non-ao. and i really should use a lower power, i have perfect eyes still....:)

id just like to shoot something besides off a bench at 25 and 50. sure its great for tiny groups, but last time i checked you dont carry a bench into the woods...and im thinking of maybe some squirrel, rabbit, and coyote hunting this fall/winter since i work with somone in my town who hunts. if nothing else out comes the air rifle for shooting out back...
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