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I would steer clear of 'high power, low price" optics. Do a search here for some scopes like the Simmons WTC18(6.5-20X50), the Simmons 44 MAG 1048(6.5-20X44), and the Mueller line. Both Simmons scopes can be had for $99.00 plus shipping, and are a great bargain. The Mueller line generally runs from $200 (Eradicator 8.5-25X50) down. All of these scopes mentioned are well thought of here on RFC. Try to cram 32 power in a $100.00 scope, and generally somethings going to suffer, mainly optical clarity. The picture probabley won't be anything more than a blurred set of crosshairs. Better to spend $99.00 on a 20 power usable scope, than $115 on a scope that you won't be happy with. Hope this helps.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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