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I always recommend sticking to the names you've heard of and know... what is guide gear??? made in korea and imported under some odd little name perhaps?

I also don't think you'll be using a 32 power for most shooting. I tend to only go up to 18 or so, even using the .223 at over 200 yards. and you aren't going to be shooting much past that most likely.

Also keep in mind that the average hunter who owns a 3-9X on a deer rifle sets it at 4X and forgets about it. And that marines shoot a 10X fixed power.

More magnification does not always help, as it is advisable to be able to see the surroundings of the target as well to determine movement, and wind.

Also question if you want the 50mm objective. It is a full 5cm plus a bit, you may want a 40 or 44mm for a bit better eye alignment, the stocks on the marlin aren't that high in the comb, and the 50 will be mounted up fairly high.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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