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Scope for 917

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Howdy yall, quick question about optics: Within the next month I will be getting a 917. I have been looking around at scopes/optics, as it doesn't come from factory with anything. Found one that looks like an awesome bargain, it's a "Guide Gear" 8-32x X 50mm, illuminated dot reticle with finger-click adjustment (1/4" MOA), with covers, shade, etc. Total w/shipping is around $110. This will be my first 17hmr rifle, and since it has dead-on accuaracy at 100 yds, I want a scope that zooms in close and can be used in low-light conditions, hence the illuminated reticle being a plus. Any info or insight will be appreciated.
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I would steer clear of 'high power, low price" optics. Do a search here for some scopes like the Simmons WTC18(6.5-20X50), the Simmons 44 MAG 1048(6.5-20X44), and the Mueller line. Both Simmons scopes can be had for $99.00 plus shipping, and are a great bargain. The Mueller line generally runs from $200 (Eradicator 8.5-25X50) down. All of these scopes mentioned are well thought of here on RFC. Try to cram 32 power in a $100.00 scope, and generally somethings going to suffer, mainly optical clarity. The picture probabley won't be anything more than a blurred set of crosshairs. Better to spend $99.00 on a 20 power usable scope, than $115 on a scope that you won't be happy with. Hope this helps.

Btw, most of the Muellers can be had with an illuminated reticle.

I am getting a BSA sweet 17 for my nef sportster. It is made to accurately reflect the trajectory out to 300 yards. Sighted in at 100 yards, the reviews I have seen put the accuracy within 2" of the settings at the worst ranges.

The one I ordered is a 6x18x50 AO
Thanx for all the help. I am always wary of those "too good to be true" deals, that's why the second opinion was needed. Last time I went for a bargain, it was a red dot for a crossbow, turns out NcStar ain't very good stuff. At least I didn't spend more than $15. I will keep looking, and hope to find something, cause I'll have to order the scope before I buy the gun, as the gun is at a store 5 minutes from my house. Thanx again for all the help, and any other advice or suggestions you have would be ppreciated.
I always recommend sticking to the names you've heard of and know... what is guide gear??? made in korea and imported under some odd little name perhaps?

I also don't think you'll be using a 32 power for most shooting. I tend to only go up to 18 or so, even using the .223 at over 200 yards. and you aren't going to be shooting much past that most likely.

Also keep in mind that the average hunter who owns a 3-9X on a deer rifle sets it at 4X and forgets about it. And that marines shoot a 10X fixed power.

More magnification does not always help, as it is advisable to be able to see the surroundings of the target as well to determine movement, and wind.

Also question if you want the 50mm objective. It is a full 5cm plus a bit, you may want a 40 or 44mm for a bit better eye alignment, the stocks on the marlin aren't that high in the comb, and the 50 will be mounted up fairly high.
Thanx, USA, that's helpful. I will definitely revise what I'm lookin for on the scope. Nevr occured to me til you said it about the objective size. Would defnitely look mean with the big ol scope on there, but functionality is my main goal here. Thanx again, anybody else with suggestions or advice feel free to let me know.
Check out the Swift Premier 6-18x44mm. I have one on each of my Marlins. They are in my opinion the best scope for the money. They make a mildot reticle as well which is the 688M. You can check them out at www.eabco.com They are great people to buy from.

You can buy a BKL model 261 mount here. www.bkltech.com They aren't cheap, but they work great and dress up the Marlin. I have one on each of my Marlin's. No problems or complaints on either one. They are worth the money. They even make it in silver for stainless model guns.

Here it is on my Marlin 17.

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PPreciate it. I was lookin on ebay and found a bushnell that meets all of what I'm lookin for. It'll be about 2 weeks before I order the scope, so in the meantime I'll still be doin some lookin, research, and am always open to suggestions and advice.

I have a Mueller 4 to 16 with the lighted rectical and love it.
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