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scope choice

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Hi, I will soon aquire a CZ452 Varmint and would like some advice and reccomendations regarding scopes...I have done quite a lot of homework and my intended use included a mix of targets at 50m and light (fox/rabbit) hunting. I have narrowed it down to a Bushnell 2-7x32 elite 3200 or leupold of similar size & power. Anyone have expierence with either of these or a reccomendation to look further?


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it sounds like you know what you want. and its mostly about hunting prefrences. so youve got it licked.

Id recomend the leupold over the bushnell, only because I have no exsperince with the bushnell. the leupold would make a great scope. and the bushnell may also make great scope, just my prefrence goes to leupold.

good luck with your decision.

I bought the same rifle a couple months ago & mounted a Simmons 1022T on it. I think (for the money, about $120) it's a pretty good alternative; however if money's no object, go with Leupold.
In the power range you're talking about it would be a Leupold VX-II which I haven't had experience with. I've used the Vari-X II a lot and would highly recommend one over the 3200 mostly for the fantastic warranty service you'll have behind the scope. You'll have the same warranty with the VX-II and I imagine it's at least as good a scope as the older Vari-X model. Now if you were talking about a 4200 vs. a VX-II.......
Check and see if the 2-7Leupold is the rimfire version....I had one but traded it for a 3-9EFR but I just wanted the extra top end nothing wrong with the 2-7rimfire......if it is a standard 2-7 ,leupold will adjust the parallax for a fee to a closer distance.....good luck and good shooting!!
Don't overlook the Weaver 2-7 Rimfire

scope if you're looking for a non-AO scope.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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