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Scope choice for long range hunting rifle

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I am in the planning stages of a long range big game hunting rifle. I have not been in the LR game long and would like to ask what most folks are using for their long range optics. I know Nightforce is popular along with Huskema and the big Sightrons. I am looking for a zero stop setup with a simple, uncluttered reticle. Weight is also an issue. Not going light sheep rifle but don't want to be much over 10 pounds or so. Open to suggestions. I have a Sightron SII 6-24x50 with target dot that works well from the bench for testing and I like it on my varmint rifles. I could find a turret maker for dial and shoot setup. Thanks.
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Unfortunately the reticle you sound like you want is going to drive you towards Leupold in my opinion. It's hard to find the old duplex or similar reticles. Most scopes now are either Mil or MOA hash reticles. You may want to consider looking at some of the less busy ones. The Nightforce mentioned has one of the less busy hash reticles.
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