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Scope Base

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I am looking for a scope base/adapter to mount Weaver Style ring on a 77/22 is anyone making these?

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Burris makes an adapter for the 77-22-they work good but they are bulky!!
Guess the question is what do you prefer ? You could stick with traditional Ruger rings or by an adapter for either the weaver style or picatinny. I'm struggling with the same issues. Adapter or stick with traditional style Ruger rings.
Ruger rings can be bought for the 77/22LR by checking the Ruger website. They are rather costly tho. I just bought two sets of Millit rings that are made for the Ruger 77 and redhawk from Optics Planet, and ended up with two sets of rings, one in a tall and another in an extra tall that will take most all scope objectives. I had to buy two sets as there are two diffrent heights in that combination of guns They are windage adjustable and are plenty tough. Both sets are less than the cost of one Ruger ring. Iam very happy with the ons I have mounted on my 77/22. Just make sure that you get them tight on the factory rail when mounting them.
warne manufacturing makes a nice one that adapts to all 77 and m14 receivers
have it on my 77/17hmr and love it
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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