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Savage Model 24 for coyote hunting?

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I am considering a Savage model 24 over under for coyote hunting and was wondering if anyone else has ever used this gun for that and if so what you thought of the accuracy of the gun. I had a 222 over a 20 gage that I should have never sold many years ago. Kick myself :mad: I was to young to care or know much about it's accuracy but now really compare all other out of box rifles to my model 12 varminter. I can tell you that in a center fire rifle not many stack up without a lot of $ in custom parts. The weight of the rifle is not real important but I don't want it to be a beast like my model 12 tactical rifle. Please provide any input that you might have on the idea of the over under model 24 for coyote hunting. There have been to many times now that a coyote has charged in to fast to get a good shot off with the rifle and needed a shotgun and thought the model 24 might fit the bill for a good coyote gun.

Many Thanks.
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The fact that I only have one shot doesn't bother me to much because if I miss them on the first shot, they are usually in 5th gear within 3 seconds and are a tough SOB to hit then unless luck (I don't have any) counts for something. I will do some snooping around for one. I kind of hope to get one in a 22-250 or 223 but will settle for a 222. I agree that it would be best to have a 12 ga. partially do to the fact that all of the shoulder bruser shells I have are in 12ga. I heard they have this stuff called "heavy shot" or something now that is kind of designed for dog hunting.

Currently, 90% of the time when I go hunting yotes or fox now I still grab my Rem 788 in a 222. I just get sick of packing my Win 1300 12ga. along with it to set on my lap in a stand just to have a scatter gun in case one comes running in.

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