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Savage Mk II-BV: opinions please?

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Anybody got one? What do you think? Are you satisfied? What kind of accuracy
can you get at 100 yards? Did you break in the barrel like they say on the
Savage arms website FAQ? (Seems like a lot of trouble to me) Thanks.
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For breaking in I just shoot and clean. Accuracy will increase with shooting.

As far as groups my BV prefers CCI Velocitors for a hunting bullet and will shoot consistently into 1" groups at 100 and about .5 at 50.
I have the FV and you won't be dissappointed! MIne likes PMC Zappers [ 38gr-hp] and for target Rem. Ely target Almost hole in one at 50 yards.
Sounds good.....and much cheaper than a Ruger 77/22. :cool:
Use the search feature at the top of the page, look in this forum, search for "range report", there should be some good old stuff in there. You can search on just about anything, there is a wealth of info available.
Me I love mine, I do a lot of modification, rifle basix sears buffed and adjust at 14 oz, pachymar competition butt plate, buffed chamber, rock mountain bi-pod 6" to 9", bushnell banner 6X18X50 AO, base weaver # 45, burris signature zee ring with examtric shim kit.

I can shoot close to 1 moa (at bench) with competition ammo but my barrel break in is not finish now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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