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Savage Impulse

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Kinda thinking about getting a 308 bolt rifle. Anyone have the Impulse and care to make a few comments?
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Just one person`s experience, mind, but I`ve thoroughly enjoyed my Savage 110 Storm in .223 that I`ve had for about two years now. Several hundred rounds through it, flawless functionality so far. Almost boringly accurate at 100 yards, and I`m sure would be so at longer ranges. Also have a 93R17 that I enjoy at the range.

Go to Sniper`s Hide and search Savage Impulse. That`s a good site for information if you can put up with the occasional moron that can`t seem to put together a thought without resorting to at least two four letter words per sentence.
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Back to the original question concerning the Impulse, if I recall correctly on Sniper`s Hide, it got pretty good reviews. That`s saying something on that site because it`s so pro Tikka that Tikka ought to be paying them for advertisement ( maybe they are, come to think of it! ). Savage in particular are disparaged there. I wonder sometimes if it`s not that some folks are irked that a $500 gun can hang with some of the customs costing 3X when it comes to accuracy!
Isn't the impulse around $1200?

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If that`s pointed at my post above, I was just referring to Savage guns in general. I think the Impulse is somewhere in the vicinity of 1K
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