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Savage Impulse

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Kinda thinking about getting a 308 bolt rifle. Anyone have the Impulse and care to make a few comments?
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I just stumbled across this, and noticed no one has replied. I don’t know anything about the Impulse, but I see a disproportionate number of gripes on newer model guns in the Savage thread, compared to other brands. It looks like they are having some quality control issues, at least with their rimfire line. I don’t know if those problems carry over into center-fire guns or not, but I’m a little leery of them. I came close to buying an Axis in 6.5 Creedmoor a few months ago, but decided to save my nickels and get a Ruger Precision instead. Don’t have it yet, so nothing to report, but all the feedback I hear on them is good.
Better info than I had, for sure, and good to hear. I’ve always liked Savages, and have 6 of them; 2 1903s a 1909, a 29A, and model 11s in 22-250 and 7mm-08. They all shoot great, and have been pretty much trouble free. The only complaint I have with any of them is the 7mm-08 has the Accu-trigger, which I don’t care for, but that‘s just me, and most people seem to like them. Everything I have is 30-100 years old or more though, and I’ve hated to see all those stories here about people having to send their brand-new guns back to the factory multiple times. Good to hear they are doing something right!
I forgot that I had posted this and for some reason I am not getting email alerts from RFC.
I found a Ruger Hawkeye Predator 308 that I plan to pick up tomorrow.
Should be interesting developing loads for it.
I’m in the lead in an auction for. 1953 Winchester Model 70 Featherweight in .308 myself. I’ll know for sure in a few hours!
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