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Savage 93fvss Wont Fire

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Hello just a few questions if anyone has had this problem with their .22 mag..
Only upgrades done to this firearm is a Boyds thumbhole stock..I changed stocks and headed to the range...When pulling the trigger a little snap and no ignition...It is leaving a notch in the bullet.....Any chance of a whole box of shells being bad....Or possibly tightening the stock bolts to tight????

thanks in advance for your answers

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Or possibly tightening the stock bolts to tight????
Jay, I ran into a guy at the range who had a .17 HMR. He said when it came from the factory, the stock was poorly fitted, and when he tightened the stock to action screws down, he had exactly that issue. Try loosening them off. I don't think the savage action is super strong, and you can distort it.

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