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savage 17 hm2 question

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im looking on savages website and i cant find one,

im looking to finded a blued heavy barrel walnut stock in the 17 hm2,

bolt action rifle,

they make this in 17hmr its the 93r17-GV

but the only walnut stock in the hm2 dosent say heavy barrel

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Yep. I just checked out their site and you are correct.

It "looks" like a heavy barrel but it certainly doesn't say so...

I do believe that next I would give them a call and ask:

Phone: (413) 568-7001
Fax: (413) 568-8386

General Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM EST
If there is a "V" in the model on a Savage, it is the heavy barrel.
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