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Sale older 10/22 buy New 19/22 LVT ?

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I have a older 10/22 carbine wood stock
16 1/2 barrel with barrel band. So So accuracy.
Does it make since to buy a new stock , new barrel and polish up trigger etc or just sale is for $250.00 and put 150.00 with it and buy a Ruger 10/22 LVT ? I hate trying to put a gun together , never works out like I think it
should ? Marty
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You certainly didn鈥檛 ruin that Overton stock. You made it beautiful one of a kind.馃憤
Here's my Overton stock (upgrade courtesy of Evan aka ek-marlin-424). Hope I didn't ruin it taking it from original.


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WOW beauty!! Did you do all the stock work?
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