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Sako receiver, or whole rifle?

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Thinking about building a BR rifle using a Sako Finnfire action and the though occured to me, I only really need a reciever and bolt.

If I buy a rifle, I'll not use the stock, barrel, trigger, or magazine well. Wouldn't I be better off just looking for a receiver and bolt?

O'course, I guess the real question, how hard, and where to look for just and action? Anyone have an idea what I'd expect to pay? Complete rifles are $600 to $700.

Thanks in advance!
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Sako Action

IF you really have to have a Sako Action then it would be best to buy the rifle. It would be highly unlikely you can find just the action. And if you did, it might be cracked or abused in some other manner.
I'm in the process of building a bench Sako myself. I look at it like this, I have the Range model, of which I can use as a club silhouette rifle, as is. Or I can change barrels and the stock, now I have a benchrest rifle. Oh yeah, I can also buy the latest caliber(HM2) barrel and use the same factory stock and have a "Fun Gun". Are you catching my drift?

And if you still insist on just an Action, then you'll be better off with a custom Action...around a $1000.00 U.S.

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Rem 40XBR action $400 and about the same for a Win 52 action .....

I saw a self Gunsmithed [ ? ] X40 for under $400

So $400 for an action - $100 and up for barrel , $100 and up for a stock , and if your lucky it may already have a BR trigger ...

A good Win 52 , $700 and up , same goes with the rem 40XBR ...

With the Sako , it can be very much DIY ....
But it wont end up being cheap ...

Seriously , start with one of the custom actions , you wont regret it ...
Esp for a serious Bench gun ...

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