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Safety Question about Romanian M69s

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After unloading your rifle, have you ever removed the bolt out from the stock, then inadvertantly twisted the safety beyond its retaining grooves? I know, it sounds like a noob thing to do (and it probably is). But in case you haven't seen this happen, it looks like a spring loaded rocket flying across the room.

Let me ask you this:
Does anyone else think about those two puny nubs that are holding that big metal lug from flinging right into your saftey goggles?

Is there a non-bubba modification that can better secure the safety to the bolt?

I haven't developed a twitch or fear of my Romi, but I have marked off the retaining groove limits on the safety for good measure.

Am I nuts (for reasons other than being a 'Jersey resident for 25 years)?
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Usually this is fairly hard to do, as the spring puts enough pressure on the safety to keep it from rotating too far when it's out of the gun.

I've never had a problem with mine.

But if you're really worried, tack weld a tiny spot of something on there to keep it from rotating too far. Then when you need to break the bolt down (shouldn't have to do this more than every couple of years), just file down the bump.

Sounds like you could be missing the safety spring retainer. Look under the bolt assy where you see the spring and to the rear of this you should see a square block with an 1/8"(estimated) hole in it. This part engages with the safety knob/cap. This part keeps the bolt/safety from flying apart. I hope this helps out.
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