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Safety Glasses ?

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 OK Guys:
 Everybody wears safety glasses
while shooing, RIGHT! ok I thought so.
So moving along.
Have you given much thought about wearing them while hunting.
Have you ever had a limb full
of pine needles smack you across
the face while walking in the
If walking to stand, deer hunting
in the predawn hours,do you know
what you are walking into.
Not to mention the things that
can happen when fireing rifle or
Just a little food for thought!
Ever worn a bandage over your
right eye for a few days,I have.
Ever wondered if you would look
through your favorite scope
again,I have.
Because of a limb so small I
didnt see it.Wide open daylight!
But I did get full use of my eye
again thankfully.
Goodluck & Goodshootin.
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Hmmm.....Logical idea.

Practical....I dont think so, atleast for me.

I work in the automotive industry and I have to wear safety glasses and hearing plugs every single day at work.  They are always sliding down, even with nosepads and are uncomfortable for me because I dont normally wear glasses.  And, my peripheral vision is cut down severely.  Maybe with some very lightweight glasses, it would be ok.

I just like to have the total sense of reality when hunting....I use all of my senses.  9 times out of 10 when rabbit hunting, I will hear the rabbit take off before I see it.  But, my ears clue me in to the whereabouts of the rabbit.  Safety glasses give me a false sense of reality in some ways and are somewhat restrictive....Im thinking about using my Peltor T-6s out hunting, but really dont know if I want to do that either.

Im not saying that you are wrong, and if I had ever been hit in the eye by a branch, I might even consider it....But, until then, the safety glasses only come out for targets!
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Plinker...Had the same thing happen a few years back, trees can be very dangerous, I jammed a small twig in my right eye on the outside edge, had to go to the doctor to get pieces of junk taken out, wore a patch for about a week, I had a special pair of shooting glasses made from an eye doctor, they are yellow but not real bright, I hated them at first, but they are nice, the only time after that that I dont wear shooting glasses is when I hunt geese, they can spot glasses a mile off [they can see 9 times better than we do] mostly reflections...but glasses and guns for me are ok thing to wear...later Kid
Hello all,

Now ideals to be set you should be wearing your safty glasses and ear plugs.  
Yea right, now raise your hand if dont wear one of the two, now if you dont wear either while hunting raise both hands.  Yea thats what I thought you cant type.

Now Im guilty of this to, however I am seriously thinking about wearing my Beretta shooting glasses when hunting.  They really lighten things up and cut the glare ;)  quality.  Beretta makes a nice slim fit to the face set of glasses.  Yall should look into these.

However, idealy you should wear ear plugs.  NOPE not happening for 98% the hunters out there.  I cant imagine hunting with no sound.  Forget it.  I see no real way around this one.  Kinda like eating with no taste.

If your safety glasses slide down theyre the wrong kind or are not adjusted right. I allways wear SG to shoot, mainly because starting a few years ago Safety glasses are my prefered sunglasses.

I buy mine at Northern Equipment, or Harbor Freight stores. They have an assortment of shades and frame styles, with most costing less than $7. Safety glasses are usually scratch resistant, poly-carb, and last me longer than cheap plastic sunglasses.

The amber shooting glasses are not dark enough for my sensitive eyes.
I wear safety glass often when hunting.  I get a pair of wrap around ones from a local tool supply shop.  Theyre great they wrap around far enough that they dont mess with my peripheral vision the are very clear and you dont even know you have them on.  Only cost a few bucks and when they get to scratched I just get a new pair.  The only problem I have is them fogging up on really hot days.

 I buy my safty glasses at
Northern Tool 3 or 4 pair at a
time. Keep them everywhere
toolbox,shop,truck,shootin box.
Dont leave home without em.

Goodluck & Gooshootin.
Im a firm believer in wearing glasses while hunting.  Heres why.  Several years ago, I was using a shotgun with loads of plated shot.  There was a tree behind my target (relativley close distance).  A lot of the shot bounced directly back and hit me in the face hard enough to sting.  Like Norm Abrams says - never, never forget to wear these; safety glasses.
Yep! if they hit hard enought
to sting,a direct hit in an
eye could blind or at least
impare your vision.
 Eye injury is no fun and some
of it can be prevented with the
use of safety glasses.
It would be very hard for me to hunt while wearing safety glasses over my perscription glasses...
No excuses! ;D They *DO* make safety glasses now that fit over prescripton glasses, and there are always the clip on the eyeglass frame (better than nothing!) safety lenses.

It would be very hard for me to hunt while wearing safety glasses over my perscription glasses...
 You right about that Petey
 "NO EXCUSES" !!!! EVER!!!!
I couldnt find any safety glasses that would fit over my glasses and be comfortable, so I went and talked to my optometrist. He set me up with prescription glasses  that are very comfortable and are tougher and more shatterproof than the "shooting" glasses I wear when my Im wearing contacts. They also cover about the same amount of area, so I think I actually feel safer wearing the new glasses than wearing the "shooting glasses" now.
 Thats a good idea Jason,Im
one of these people who needs
glasses the see up close.So far
shooting/safety glasses work
fine for me.Dont need glasses to
shoot so far,but iron sights
are a little fuzzy.

Goodluck & Goodshootin.
Do people who need glasses such as your self Plinker have any troubles with scopes? Just wondering.

No trouble with rifle scopes, but some with binoculars and spotting scopes.
Most have some type of
roll back or ajustable cup
of some kind,that let you
wear glasses while useing
Yep. Those help a little, but I still ant get nearly as good a picture as I can without my glasses on, even with the extra thin glasses that sit close to my face.
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