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extractor shooting

Calif. Hunter said:
I have had a 597 since they first came out. I had an extractor blow out with the cheap Remington Thunderbolt ammo shortly after I got it, it was fixed under warranty and I have never had another problem. I have 3 of the plastic mags, and they work fine, too. (I find it ironic that people will complain about the 597's mags, and then rave about the 10-22s with their plastic mags.) :rolleyes:

I took my son and nephews out a couple of weekends agao, and the 597 with a red dot sight was the biggest hit. They liked it much better than my 10-22 with a red dot sight. A brick of .22s was gone in no time, with 400 of them through the 597. Not a jam, FTF or FTE in the bunch with Winchester Wildcat ammo.
Hi all.
This is my first post so please go softly on me :D
Calif. Hunter says that his 597 extractor when flying out when firing! this happed to me also, and with the same Thunderbolt ammo. After reasembly it happend again three times within 15 rounds. i noticed that the ammo cases were split near the base yet on firing the bolt was fully forward.

I had only had the rifle 2 weeks and returned it, saddly due to the paper work here in the uk i did not replace with another and just stayed with my other rifles, but am getting the feeling again :D

Has any one else had this problem? exept for this problem this rifle felt really sweet.

sorry this is off topic :eek:
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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