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i had a 597 i wanted to bend the barrel on and throw in the trash. but i went out one day with it to see if it would work before i pulled the weaver scope off of it. and borrowed some of my friends federal bargain box ammo. WORKED LIKE A CHARM. the remington didnt work the cci's didnt work. only federal will cycle in that little pain in my butt. but. what the gunstore tells me. is that it sounds like most of people stovepiping problems are from the action spring being to stiff. to all the people like me who read this thread looking for confirmation of a crappy gun. if it wont work for you, just mess around with it and modify a couple little things to see if you can get it to cycle. but only if you know what your doing. no you cant make this one full auto. dont try it. dont try to argue that full auto thing with me either all you people that know about machining. cuz believe me. we know whats possible. the other people dont
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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