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Some of you have been following the saga of my old 5" p-22, the one that lasted 8500 rounds, was worn out, and I traded in on a Ruger. Bought a new gun there today and the dealer asked me did that p-22 have a cracked slide. I said no just a worn out one.

He said a fellow purchased it and brought it back with the slide cracked both sides in the middle and on one side out by the end. Said the barrel appeared to have been bent up like someone drove over it. I told him I was positive the slide didn't have any cracks when I traded it and he said he didn't remenber any either.

Anyway they called S&W and were told to mail in the gun and they would receive a new one. Dang it, why didn't I think of that!!!!!!!! Believe I got this wearing out business figured out now. Told you they were nice folks. safe shootin 1911
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