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Rust spots on a 541T barrel: What to do?

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I just purchased a Remington 541T/HB in mint condition, with the exception of rust spots on the first foot of the barrel at the muzzle end. The rest of the barrel and receiver are in perfect condition. Here are pics of the barrel that show the rust spots:

Gun oil, a soft cloth and some elbow grease successfully removed the rust. That revealed small flaws in the blue: you could see glints of steel at the center of some of the former rust spots and general discoloration of the blue where the rust was. So my question is:

What would you recommend to return the 541T barrel to mint or new condition? If you have prior experience with something like this, what did you do and how did it turn out?
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Sure would be interesting to know how the bluing got damaged like it is.... almost looks like someone scuffed the barrel with some kind of wire wheel or something. Is that pattern all the way around the circumference of the barrel? There is no way to repair it other than re-bluing it. I agree with the hot blue, but there are some good cold blues on the market.... depends on if you want it "original" looking or a good looking shooter. Only way to get it "perfect" is to return it to the factory for them to do it with an original bluing method. They may even want to put a new barrel on it to return it to new condition. Of course this will not be the lowest cost way to do it.
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