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Ok, First of all I think I've spent to much time checking out this site. I now have the strong urge to go out, and buy a new .22 or modify the one I already own. My problem is that I am also very limited when it comes to money, as it is college books are extremely expensive. I have decided either to modify my factory ruger 10/22 or buy a brand new Savage MK II LV. I would only like to spend around $300 or $350 including scope so that creates a problem for me. My goal is to get the most accurate that I can. So far here are my plans maybe you could help me decide which one you think would shoot most accurate.

Ruger 10/22(already own)
Hogue Overmold Stock $50
GM Barrel or Adams $100
Volquartsen Hammer $35

Savage MK II LV($200)
Float barrel
rework trigger

I also need suggestions on what scope to get. around ($100)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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