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Ruger vs Savage Need Help

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Ok, First of all I think I've spent to much time checking out this site. I now have the strong urge to go out, and buy a new .22 or modify the one I already own. My problem is that I am also very limited when it comes to money, as it is college books are extremely expensive. I have decided either to modify my factory ruger 10/22 or buy a brand new Savage MK II LV. I would only like to spend around $300 or $350 including scope so that creates a problem for me. My goal is to get the most accurate that I can. So far here are my plans maybe you could help me decide which one you think would shoot most accurate.

Ruger 10/22(already own)
Hogue Overmold Stock $50
GM Barrel or Adams $100
Volquartsen Hammer $35

Savage MK II LV($200)
Float barrel
rework trigger

I also need suggestions on what scope to get. around ($100)
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An Option For Your 10/22


I too am a financially challenged gun owner. I finally decided to tinker with my 10/22 and here is what I did:

Hoge O.M. Stock and A & B Blued Barrel $120
Tasco VAR6-24x42AO Scope $ 70
Harris Bipod $ 60
(All above from MidwayUSA)

WeaponKraft Performance Kit $21
(From Dakotan)

Base and Rings $15
(From Local Gun Shop)

Total $286

I just finished it up last weekend. Everything went together easy and it looks great. I think you will really like it. Let me know if you would like to see a picture or two.


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Chief says :

R stands for Ruger and also Rifle
S stands for Savage and also Sorry

BEST bet = FORGET the savage - let them be indians in the
movies, not in yer gunrack.

10-22 GOOD CHOICE = you know this already , because you
own one.

BARREL = Green Mountain
Hogue = OK
Bipod = Kinda a show piece , not a good rest.
Scope - Some Tasco's are OK. Not the "$70.00" ones " NOT"

SIMMONS WTC-18 = best buy ( iunder a bill) 6x24x50 .

WHAT ya think . I post a pic of later ?

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Tasco $70 Scopes

I hear you cluckin' Chief Dave.

I don't really care for them either. I purchased this particular with a devious plan in mind. I have an aquaintance with a Simmons 44 Mag. that is near new and in excellent condition. He doesn't like it and mentioned that he was interested in this particular Tasco Scope, and would like to make a trade. Now I have tradin' stock.:D
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