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Ruger Standard Model on Lay-a-way....

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It spoke to me, the little Ruger Standard Model with a 4" barrel
and stag grips, well worn but shootable. It was in the case with others
of its kind but with a big difference... because of the wear (about 45%
blue) in this upscale "collectors" shop it was priced about $100
cheaper than its other used stable mates. I gave it the once over and
found the wear is only superficial and she now is in lay-a-way waiting
for my next check. One reason I want it is because years ago I HAD a target model (6 1/2") that was in about the same condition but shot better than I could hold it. It was gone in a fit of tradeitus in which I did far worse on the deal. This one will not go, it is a keeper. (f l w) And also I currently do not have a .22 pistol in my safe.

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