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Ruger Single Six Year of Production Tables

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I hope these charts will be useful to the Single Six owners here on RFC.

The first set of tables are production years for the New Model Single Six and the second set are Old Model Single Six production years.



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Year of Production

Thanks for the listing. I have wondered when mine was manufactured. Couldn't remember buying it 27 years ago.

Hey that's funny...I have a 1982 also. :bthumb:
Thanks OldWolf,
The tables are a constant source of info for me. It's fun to impress my buddies with my "knowledge" of production dates when they ask.:D
cool trick

How did you copy that info. I have tried before but it just doesn't seem to grab the chart and save it to my computer. Could you post the Old Model info also?
Sure. I'll do it tomorrow.

I used MS Office OneNote.
I didn't have it so I tried the Print screen button and edited with MS Paint.
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Added all New Model and Old Model tables to the thread.
I snagged a first year WMR Single Six early last year.... Didn't know what I was buying at the time, but what a fun gun to shoot!!! :)
(1959 OM Magnum)

This info is from the Ruger mfg site, but you never know when they'll pull the OM info!!

Thank You, Sir !!

I appreciate your sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

I was pretty sure, but this confirms that my darling old 'flatgate' #667 indeed dates from 1954. I knew production numbers for the first year (1953) were quite low, but having the info in print is invaluable. Again thanks. (^_^)
My pleasure! :bthumb:
So why no serial numbers from '63-'68 on the OM standard model?
Judging from the serial # mine was made between 1962 - 1969.
hmmm My old Single-Six standard, only 22 LR, serial is 1438** when was it produced?

Thanks, was my father present some years ago.
I have an old 3 screw model single six with a serial # 5277**. Is mine a super single six? How can you tell? I do have both .22lr and mag cylinders for it. Does that make it super? If so if I read the chart right it makes it a 1966. I picked it up at the local gander mountain a couple years ago for $175 or $199, I can 't remember which.
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