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Ruger MKII Model and Catalog number

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Here is a list of the majority of the MKII's with their catalog numbers. I hope this will come in handy and someone can use it. I plan on adding info to the list as I get it. I will try to add a photo of each. If there is something you see that I have wrong or have left out, PLEASE, just send me a PM and I will get it corrected. Thank you bangordan for your help and contribution to the list, It was helpful, and to all the others that have offered to help, Thanks.

Ruger MKII Model List

MODELS------------------CATALOG NUMBER

MK4 ----------------------Ruger Model 0170

MK450--------------------Ruger Model 0149

MK4NRA-------------------Ruger Model 0169

MK4B---------------------Ruger Model 0139

MK4BL--------------------Ruger Model 0138

MK514--------------------Ruger Model 0171

MK512--------------------Ruger Model 0172

MK512CA-----------------Ruger Model 0199

MK512GC-----------------Ruger Model 0176

MK512GC-NRSB-----------Ruger Model 0177

MK512GCL----------------Ruger Model 0179

MK512S------------------Ruger Model 0146

MK6----------------------Ruger Model 0173

MK6M--------------------Ruger Model 0165

MK678-------------------Ruger Model 0174

MK678G------------------Ruger Model 0175


MK678GC----------------Ruger Model 0178

MK8---------------------Ruger Model 0136

MK10-------------------Ruger Model 0144

KMK4-------------------Ruger Model 0180

KMK4BL-----------------Ruger Model 0198


KMK512-----------------Ruger Model 0182



KMK512GC--------------Ruger Model 0188

KMK512GCUS-----------Ruger Model 0168


KMK6-------------------Ruger Model 0183

KMK6NRA---------------Ruger Model 0148

KMK678----------------Ruger Model 0184

KMK678G---------------Ruger Model 0185

KMK678GC--------------Ruger Model 0186

KMK678GCABN----------Ruger Model 0147

KMK678GCL-------------Ruger Model 0187

KMK10------------------Ruger Model 0154
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