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Ruger MK1 triple firing

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A friend of mine asked me to look at his MK1 Target that was misfiring. I brought it home and the first mag would only fire about every other round because the trigger was not resetting. I took it all apart and cleaned it. I loaded it and when I released the slide it fired at least 3 times.. (I couldn't tell how many times it fired but believe me it's fast.) Then it went back to firing every other time. So I took it apart again to inspect it and I believe the spring is weak which pushes the transfer/interrupter bar up. Other than that there are no internal burrs, it doesn't appear to have been messed with or modified and everything is clean. Any ideas as to where to look? Perhaps someone modified the hammer/sear? Suggestions?

I've never owned one of these and was amazed how simple they are.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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