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Ruger hammer forged barrels

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Any thoughts or information on these?

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They don't have to be "welded" on, there are other methods that meet the requirement of being "permanently" attached.
Do you mean cross pinned? Welding a muzzle brake/flash suppressor all the way around certainly is one way. The other involves cross pinning and welding over the pins. The purpose is to ensure that the pins can't be removed. Is there another"legal" method?

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You don't even have to weld over the pins!
That's the reason for other approved methods(dissimilar metals), either way I believe it has to preformed by a FFL.
Doesn't require an FFL.
I will not dispute on that, because I don't represent the ATF. But a few years ago, one of the local smiths tried his version of "linear" pinning vs radial pinning, he won his case but it was questioned!
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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