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Awhile back I read a test where a guy had two of the factory 10/22T barrels that were provided to him unchambered or cut. He also had one of the top 22 BR barrels of about 9 years ago. He chambered all four barrels and fitted them to a switch barrel 22 bench rest rifle.

He did some very extensive testing. I believe the other barrels were Liljas but I would have to find the article to be positive.

4 barrels tested results:
1. Lilja
2. Ruger
3. Lilja
$. Ruger

The results were so close that he stated that done in any other combination of days shot and ammo used the order could have been reversed front to back. The Ruger 10/22 barrel is a VERY good barrel. Not onl;y that but if you can find one that was made before they cut costs the highly polished Blued 10/22T barrel is, in my opinion, probably the prettiest heavy barrel you can put on a 10/22.

It is a shame they do not finish them like they used to. Still they are an excellent barrel especially when Randy does his thing to them! :):bthumb:
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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